Vitalik Buterin Defends a Rollup-Centric Future for Ethereum

Ethereum creator Vitalik Buterin seeks a way to tame the centralization of blockchain to a level where its users can still enjoy a trustless and censorship-resistant network.

In his most recent blog post titled ‘Endgame’ from December 6, Buterin suggested a future for the average “very big blockchain” consisting of very high block frequency, very high block size, many thousands of transactions per second that is also highly centralized as there are only a few dozens or hundreds of nodes that can afford to run a full node.

Ethereum creator suggested that a “plausible roadmap” for such blockchain would be to divide block producing and block validation to other parties and to create conditions where anyone may become a validator and constantly control the centralized network of block producers to prevent censorship.

According to Buterin, rollups cannot save the blockchain from a centralized future simply because “no single rollup succeeds at holding anywhere close to the majority of Ethereum activity”. However, Buterin pointed out that Ethereum’s current rollup-centric roadmap is beneficial to the network as long as it is open to all future scenarios.

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