PancakeSwap Pulls Away From Competition

DappRadar has found that PancakeSwap surpassed its competitors and firmly settled in the first place of the blockchain application tracker rating. The DEX has acquired more than 2 million active wallets over the past 30 days and continues to grow. Also, now the exchange can boast that it has more than $6 billion locked in its smart contracts.

The success of PancakeSwap is even more spectacular against the background of the fact that it was conceived as a fork of the leading Ethereum DEX Uniswap.

PancakeSwap is far ahead of all competitors in terms of active wallets. The closest aApp Autofarm is gaining a quarter of its active users, and Uniswap has about 10% of its Binance Smart Chain powered ‘twin’. But this indicator has nothing to do with value, and more money still falls on the Ethereum DEX due to the fact that BSC users tend to invest smaller amounts.

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