Aug 05, 2022 Frank Stewskid

Yeeha Games steps strong on the GameFi scene

The GameFi platform Yeeha Games has announced its entry into the web3 gaming scene. The company plans to release a number of blockchain games over the next 18 months, with 11 games already being developed, and more planned to be released in the future.

Yeeha Games is a $50 million-funded GameFi platform backed by Bybit providing a wide range of games, as well as a marketplace for trading in-game assets. The platform’s team is spread around the globe and consists of 90+ industry veterans from the blockchain, GameFi, and traditional sectors, with past experience in companies such as Bybit, Tencent, NetEase, IGG, Animoca Brands, Unity, and TapTap.

According to Choy Wai Cheong (Choy) – one of the co-founders, and current COO of Yeeha Games, there has been an “incredible growth in 2021” in the GameFi industry, but there is still a “massive untapped potential” when compared to the traditional gaming market. Choy said that in order to attract traditional gamers to web3 “we must have games that appeal to them” and also “Blockchain or not, games have to be fun to attract and retain players in the long run. Integrating blockchain elements into game genres with proven success in the traditional gaming market is a good starting point — and that’s where Yeeha Games is positioned.”

Ben Zhou, one of Bybit’s co-founders and current CEO of the company, shared his excitement regarding the future of GameFi and its potential to realize the promise of the metaverse and internet through gaming. Moreover, Zhou also said that “Other than creating a level playing field, GameFi has the potential to connect people across global communities to build up our digital and virtual worlds. Additionally, it promotes the ideology of putting power back in the hands of the people with a player-owned economy. Through this partnership, we want to demonstrate our commitment to driving technology innovations to the wider society.”

Yeeha Games seeks to push the boundaries of the current GameFi space by introducing a broad range of game genres to the ecosystem including MMORPG, SLG, open-world, simulation, and idle RPG card games. The platform’s built-in wallet supports both fiat and crypto deposits and its users would also be able to make gas-free transactions across all of Yeeha Games’ titles. 

There will be free-to-play games aimed to serve as a bridge for players from the traditional gaming space to the web3 gaming scene without the need to purchase cryptocurrencies from the get-go, while also enabling crypto-newcomers to experience games fully before purchasing their first digital asset.

The first game in the Yeeha Games’ ecosystem – Midgard Saga is to be released in September 2022. It is a casual card-based RPG game following the adventurers of a prince saving his fallen kingdom. Gamers will encounter heroes with a wide range of backgrounds, which can be recruited and deployed in battles. The project’s idle gameplay makes it suitable for players enjoying a real-time combat strategy game that is light on battle mechanics.

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