Supermoon – The Moon is Yours!


Captain Moon - Moonability Hero

How about visiting the moon? Get ready, the flight promises to be interesting!

Eclipse - Token Guardian

Everything to make the blockchain a safer space: from fighting bots to kicking fudders.

Luna - Community Enchantress

The community has to be healthy: welcome to the place, where things are nurturing and nice.

Mizuki - HODL Shinobi

We value loyalty, and to prove that, there is this Ninja who has for you some pretty loyal rewards: 5% to the stake!

Titan - Shill Mercenary

The Hero, who is responsible for making the moon the Supermoon!

Yue - Blockchain Explorer

How about being everywhere in the galaxy? This man shows us it’s possible!


The economy of the future is tokenomics, take a look at what it is and what it could be!


The Supermoon transaction tax is distributed quite interestingly: it is 10% on all transactions and then there is a redistribution between the dead wallet for burnings, the liquidity pool, and of course all holders. Yes, each time a transaction with the Supermoon token is made, all holders receive 5%. It means that Supermoon holders earn just from retention. Another nice thing about Supermoon is the Auto Liquidity feature: this feature is giving a pool a 2% from every transaction. Plus, what really matters in terms of Supermoon, is volatility reducing price, which is done through healthy liquidity. This is what helps the price go up!


Do you know what a quadrillion is? One billion million is exactly how many Supermoon tokens are in the Initial Total supply.


During the launch, approximately half of the tokens will be burned, which will greatly affect their scarcity. The more tokens burned, the higher the value of the remaining tokens.


UniCrypt will block liquidity automatically, immediately after the presale. This will eliminate any possibility of a scam and make your trading and storage as secure as possible.


How does Supermoon work? There is a deflationary token on Binance Smart Chain. It gives a 10% distributed tax: part goes to the liquidity pool, part of it is distributed to token holders, and part goes to the marketing wallet. This is the Supermoon.

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