RevoltCoin Decentralized Marketplace


Revolt is a token with a whole community of enthusiasts behind it. It has functions of different levels, it owns a marketplace, has low fees, no intermediaries, and many other advantages.

Let's figure them out!

There are two functions at the heart of the REVOLT token: Reflection + LP Acquisition. What is cool is that such a transaction has a 10% tax that is divided into two parts. Half of that ten percent is divided into two more parts: for a BNB contract, while the rest works as a Liquidity Pair On Pancake Swap. But it is very important, where the other 5% goes - which is to all hodlers of the token!

Progress Meter

It is very important for us to share everything that happens within the community, the REVOLT token, as well as at the R-marketplace, a marketplace based on REVOLT. We believe that we will be able to build a world in which REVOLT operates as the main cryptocurrency in the R-Marketplace and we are working hard on it right now.

To follow the progress, you can look at the news section or check out our social networks - there you will find all the relevant information about what is happening with Revolt and the R-marketplace right now.

Benefits for Everyone

Part of the fee is redistributed within the community. This is 5% from each transaction, which immediately goes to all REVOLT hodlers. Yes, when you buy NFTs on the R-Marketplace, you yourself become richer and make the community richer. We take the principles of decentralization and community very seriously, and of course we don’t have a central bank or a single administrator. It’s community, community, community.

Revolt Marketplace

And of course, R-Marketplace is a platform for NFT trading and crypto-assets. Everything is controlled by smart contracts, without intermediaries, and 5% is also distributed among all REVOLT hodlers in the same way. It has a decent collection of assets from around the world.

We at REVOLT really appreciate the basic principles of the crypto world: decentralization and engaged community.

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