Dec 05, 2022 Frank Stewskid

Reddit’s NFTs hit a new all time high in minted tokens per day

Reddit’s NFT collection reached an all-time high in minted NFTs per one day on December 3, according to Dune Analytics. 255,000 of the digital avatars were minted in a single day, passing the previous record of 200,000, achieved on August 30.

The Reddit NFT collection was launched in July 2022 on Polygon and was at the time the latest mainstream adoption of blockchain technology, although Reddit refers to items from the collection as “digital collectibles” instead of NFTs. 

Despite having amounted to nearly 4.5 million tokens in circulation since its launch, the Reddit NFTs have so far only seen a bit over 93,000 trades, according to Dune Analytics. The collection is being traded on many secondary marketplaces, such as OpenSea, with its sales volume all-time high reached on October 24 - $2.5 million across 1,991 buyers. 

Reddit’s NFT collection is divided into different series, all created by various community members. Currently, the most traded one is – “The Senses”. 

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