OpenOcean Aggregator Has Connected to Polygon Blockchain

Cryptocurrency exchange aggregator OpenOcean, developed to connect DeFi and CeFi exchanges on one platform, has integrated Polygon.

Before expanding to Polygon, OpenOcean asked its users over which network to add with over 44,000 votes cast in favor of Polygon. Now aggregator promises traders will be able to make trades on the network at the best prices with low slippage.

To promote trading on Polygon, OpenOcean will offer 100,000 of its native OOE tokens in the coming weeks. In a blog post, OpenOcean also promised its next move will be the release of cross-chain aggregations, to make possible trades across different chains.

Currently, OpenOcean is connected to major public chains such as Ethereum, Solana, Binance Smart Chain, TRON, and more. As DeFiTeller reported, last week aggregator gained support from Huobi Ventures.

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