Influencer Token | CryptoCurrency Token

Want to earn income with endless growth for all participants? Then you should definitely consider Influencer Token, a contract with a unique system. With an internal referral system, you will be able to receive 5% of every transaction made through your link. Sounds cool!


Every time someone makes a transaction, you get 3% in your wallet. This is what makes $INF the first ever token that works on a referral system.

How To Buy

You can purchase $INF on our website, but also in case you find it more convenient here is also a guide for you to buy $INF Token on PancakeSwap.

1.Download MetaMask Or Use An Existing Wallet

First, you need to get the wallet

2.Go To Pancakeswap.Finance

Then you have to visit PancakeSwap, a platform where you can swap BNB to $INF.

3.Get To The Trade Screen

Then, press the "Connect" button to navigate to ‘Trade’

4.Select The $INF Token

Enter the $INFtoken address after pressing on "Select a Currency"

5.Adjust Your Slippage To 12%

Then, on the top right click "Settings" and put 12% slippage. But please note that in times of higher demand the slippage percentage figure may change.


Voila! You can swap the amount you want but remember about the gas fees. For paying gas fees you’ll need some BNB in your wallet, as PancakeSwap is a BNB-powered exchange.

The Roadmap


The idea of this site is to get the public aware of the Influencer Token idea and make it a success!

The Launching

The next step is token listing on PancakeSwap. Coverage is getting bigger, speed is getting higher.

Marketing, Marketing, & Marketing

More and more content creators are joining the massive marketing campaign, creating even more attention and hype around the token. The giveaway starts, as well as listing on CoinMarketCap and CoinGecko.

Infinite Growth

The token is on fire and the team is constantly burning it manually to create a deflationary flavor and maintain its price floor. Next - filing for exchange listings to facilitate the buying process for our beloved community, and attention, ladies and gentlemen, we are flying to the Moon!

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