Sep 05, 2022 Frank Stewskid

Has Slope Finance been abandoned?

Slope Finance, the project responsible for the August “Solana wallet hack”, seems to be abandoned by its team. As claims for this surfaced around Twitter, many jumped to Slope’s Discord server to check for themselves. 

While people were making fun and accusing the team for scamming its community, one lone moderator tried to convince everyone it is not so. The source of his claims – the team told him they are working hard, however the community found that hard to believe, especially when an announcement was published from the admin’s profile, only to be deleted and reposted from Slope Finance to make it look like the team is active. While Slope Finance was posting, the admin went offline, when Slope Finance was done posting – the profile went offline, while the admin profile came back online. 

According to the lone admin – the audits published by various crypto security firms “have not resulted in any conclusive proof that the Slope vulnerability was the root cause of the incident”, however, the Slope Finance team is supporting law enforcement authorities with their investigations. The admin goes on to claim that although there were promising leads, the team cannot comment on them while there is an ongoing open investigation.

It is not clear whether the team has indeed abandoned its project, neither whether they will be compensating affected users, and if so how or when. Slope’s social media profiles have last been active in mid-August, around the time the company published a detailed report on the incident on its blog, stating there will be regular updates. 

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