Cryptocountry and the Unifer

Expansion just happened. Now you may have even more territories.

We are entering the metaverse.

Do you want to be a part of the bright future? To live in a world without poverty and discrimination, drama and separation. The world is full of those who strive for a better life in acceptance of new vision. The world without a centralized financial system.

Let’s get on board! Leave us your contact, and soon we’re going to invite you to our cohesive Discord community, building the future and making it real.

So, what exactly is CryptoCountry? It is a hand-picked collection of nearly 200,000 artsy virtual lands NFTs. We’ve built a whole new world on the Ethereum blockchain. This unique NFT collection has the power to liberate regions from those who want to separate territories.

Just imagine: it’s already 2040, and we are looking around. No banks, cryptocurrencies finally rule the world. But even though the banking system has fallen down, there is still a huge problem that is slowly destroying the territories. And it is a quiet and silent enemy of the world's peace, the separation.

We don't need any separation. We totally need liberation, we need someone who can unify all the territories. So CryptoCountry is a world practically sliced in pieces, the one who collects them, brings everyone and everything together. What a mission! To bring a bright future to the regions, eliminate all the borders and find peace in eliminating lines between continents. The one who can make it all happen is called the Unifier.

United territories are his global vision, which can only be achieved if he generates continents. An ideal and pretty world with versatile cultures, who co-live in harmony and deep acceptance of each other. And the mission of the Unifier is to achieve this goal.

Recent video explainers: