Aug 26, 2022 Frank Stewskid

Concerns over Ethereum’s centralization are growing

Cryptoresearchers have found out that the majority of the current list of 4,653 active Ethereum nodes are accounted for by three major cloud providers – Amazon Web Services (AWS) 50%, Hetzner – 15%, and OVH – 4.1%. Moreover, these are followed closely by other major providers such as Oracle, Alibaba, and Google.

Maggie Love, co-founder of W3BCloud – a Web3 infrastructure platform, expressed concerns on the centralization of nodes in the upcoming Ethereum PoS chain. Her concerns were answered by one of Ethereum’s lead developers – Peter Szilagyi who stated that his team has been aiming to prune (reduce the size) the database in order to allow users to run home nodes.

Accordin to the dev, the idea received heavy backlash at the time of its introduction and the current centralization of nodes is a direct result of the idea’s dismissal. He also commented that until the Ethereum state has become a constant in size, via block gas limit or other methods, “there’s no light at the end of the tunnel”.

Although active efforts to solve the issue are being made by several parties, as of now, the cost of running an individual node is very high, due to the ever-growing infrastructure requirements that come with it. For this reason, users wishing to run nodes often turn to cloud infrastructure providers in hopes of finding lucrative deals.

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