Celer has Launched a Multi-chain cBridge on its Main Network

The second-level scaling platform Celer Network has launched a multi-chain cBridge v1.0 on its main network, to support the exchange of tokens with other Layer 2 networks. Operations can be performed with Arbitrum and Polygon, smart contracts compatible with the Ethereum virtual machine, and Binance Smart Chain, as well as the main Ethereum network.

The company claims that their new bridge can solve many existing problems that prevent the full integration of Layer 2 solutions. For example, users can hope for a lightweight interface and reduced resources for moving assets between multiple chains.

Mo Dong, the Celer Network’s co-founder, said ”As an open-source platform with the mission to bring blockchain adoption to mainstream, our goal with cBridge is to deliver a high-performance and cost-efficient interoperable value transfer network with no compromise on the security or trust-free guarantee.”

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