Binance Is Rebuilding Its Wallet for DOGE after Users (Including Elon Musk) Complained

DOGE owners are experiencing some problems on Binance – and thanks to Elon Musk everyone now is concerned about it. According to Binance, the issue has caused some users to receive old transactions while some others are unable to withdraw their coins from the exchange. The root of the problem was found in the recent update of DOGE Wallet, but to solve the issue a total rebuild of the Binance DOGE Wallet is required.

Elon Musk, famous for his occasional endorsements of DOGE, immediately joined the fuss and filed a complaint to the largest cryptocurrency exchange on Twitter. Binance’s CEO CZ responded to the thread to comment on the issue. He returned the pun by asking Tesla CEO to elaborate on the news on the recent glitch on one of the Tesla cars.

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