Oct 04, 2022 Toghrul Aliyev

Beeple's Discord server got compromised

Mike Winkelmann, known as Beeple, an NFT artist who is famous for selling one of his arts for $69.3 million, had his Discord server compromised on October 3, 2022. 

To verify ownership of Beeple’s NFTs, collectors must first connect their wallet to the Discord bot in the artists' server on the platform, which leads to a certain website. The URL that led to that specific website, was altered by a fraudulent actor. Instead, it opened a compromised one called "Collab . land", which drained unsuspecting users’ wallets. Beeple did not reveal how many users clicked on the link and lost their digital art. The issue was first noticed by NFT collector maxnaut.eth. 

Beeple warned his followers about the scam just an hour and a half after, and the issue was fixed in 10 hours. 

Winkelmann’s Discord had another breach back in November 2021. Using a compromised admin account and the official Beeple bot, hackers published a link to a fake NFT drop at Nifty Gateway and stole 38 ETH. Furthermore, the popular artist’s Twitter account was also hacked earlier this year. 

The fraudulent actors posted phishing links to fake NFT drops, like the BEEPLE X VUITTON collection. Through the attack, they stole 62.35 ETH. 

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