Augur app review

Augur app review

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Yolanta Chomag

Last updated: Jul 18, 2022

What is Augur

Augur is a decentralized prediction market platform. Formal development of Augur began in 2014 by Forecast Foundation, and the first version was launched in 2018, after which the platform has gone through extensive development over the years, including three major releases. Previously, the platform was based on Ethereum, but its current third version Augur Turbo runs on Polygon.

The Augur platform allows users to participate in prediction markets. The idea of the project is to create a platform where any user can bet on the outcome of any event. This is possible because the margin within the system is significantly lower compared to the commissions of bookmakers.

How does Augur work

The latest version of Augur, Augur Turbo is integrated with Balancer and built on Polygon, which allows transaction fees as low as $0.01. 

There are two ways to add liquidity on the platform: adding liquidity to an existing pool with already set odds, or adding initial liquidity to a market, which requires setting the odds.

Augur also offers a second user interface for Turbo contracts. It's called Sportsbook and is designed specifically for sports betting. Sportsbook has a simplified user interface specifically for cryptocurrency and trading. It also includes an Odds Converter to help users convert and compare odds according to their preference.

How to use Augur

With Chainlink integration in the Augur app, users are able to participate in betting markets for recurring events — sports, politics, cryptocurrency events, etc. The markets are automatically created and resolved at intervals with the use of Chainlink oracle data such as schedules, post-game scores, team and player stats. 

All the bets on the platform are executed in USDC. Upon each bet, Augur fees of 1-2% are paid in USDC by winning traders and are split between market creators and liquidity providers. 

The REP token

Reputation (REP) is an ERC-20 token with a total supply of 11 billion. REP tokens were used by reporters in Augur V2 to clarify disputes or outcomes of the prediction markets on Augur. Token holders had to stake their tokens in favor of a possible outcome. REP migrated to REPv2 in July, 2020. The token currently has no use cases on Augur Turbo.

How to buy Augur REP token 

Augur REP token can be purchased on centralized exchanges like Digifinex, ProBit, and

Augur REP token can be purchased on decentralized exchanges like Uniswap v2.


It is up to you where to buy the REP token. It is worth taking into account that decentralized exchanges allow you to do this anonymously, you do not need to pass KYC procedures to use them, on the other hand, the cost of transactions may be higher than on centralized exchanges, while there is a risk of your funds being held by the exchange.


To understand if Augur is a good investment and try to make a REP price prediction, you need to do your own research on the project.

All the data for research is available on the project page on our website: check out the technical features of the project in this review, try to use the app, see if the information about the team is available and if the team is open for communication, and using the project dashboard and the REP price chart, assess the project usage rates as well as the token price movement and the number of its holders.

Is Augur safe

Augur is being developed by the Forecast Foundation, whose founders and initial Augur team members are Joey Krug (presently Co-Chief Investment Officer at Pantera Capital and also a co-founder of Eco), Jack Peterson, and Jeremy G. Augur audits can be found in the protocol dashboard on this webpage.


Augur has no officially announced partnerships.

What’s next

Forecast Foundation's immediate plans include further work on integrating the platform with Layer 2 solutions, as well as moving from a "one platform for all" UX model to "separate product verticals for different use cases". 

After five years of development, an important milestone for the platform and Forecast Foundation will be getting Augur into the hands of users by creating AugurDAO. In January 2022, Augur is planning to finalize the initial funding of AugurDAO treasury and the release of the governance.



Basic info

  • Token REP
  • Audited yes
  • DAO no
  • Yield farming yes
  • Team public
  • Hacks no





Token profile

Price Market cap.




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